Commited to Positive Impact

Inhala Soulwear uses highly innovative eco-friendly materials through all its value chain, from the highest quality of regenerated plastic waste recovered from the oceans to upcycled rich Peruvian fair-trade organic cotton.

Our fabric selection, production, labeling, and packaging are consciously made to preserve resources and minimize waste.

We are always looking for new ideas to support our mission. We follow a zero-waste and no-plastic commitment and all our pieces have zero-elastic designs!

$1 Plant-a-tree initiative at check-out

We use organic and reusable packaging as well as home compostable garment bags.

Our creations will enhance mind, body and soul rhythms.We are here now, to give back to this beautiful planet by opening our hearts and minds to creativity in all its forms. As we live, Mother Nature lives in us, so let's live up to the gift.

Did you know?

One of the largest contributors to microplastic pollution are microfibres. Leaked directly into our waterways from our washing machines. This obsession with synthetics is having a toll on the ocean. Studies show that an estimated 1 million fibres are released from only one wash of your polyester fleece, and that a city of 100.000 citizens will release microfibres worth 15,000 plastic bags a day. THE SOLUTION?
Pop your clothes in the Guppyfriend bag prior to washing. The bag will trap about 85% of microfibres. To date it is the only successful solution to this global problem.