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Our Customer Reviews

  • “The comfiest yogawear ever”

    The comfiest yogawear, beautiful to teach and practice yoga - suiting every occasion beyond the mat! It is real eco clothing that eases my body in every yoga shape from yin to a vinyasa practice. Grateful to be part of such a mindful tribe!

  • “Feel like a second skin”

    I adore Inhala because of its ethical values and beautiful designs. The pieces feel like a second skin, the material is so soft and the stretch is perfect. They're the best for yoga but l've worn them for running many times and they held up great.

  • “Inhala brings the essence of connection”

    Inhala brings the essence of connection, sisterhood, and comfortable yoga wear together as ONE. I love this tribe and all the eco-awareness it brings. Grateful to be part of a brand that brings so much light & love to the world!


    Reusable & Home Compostable Packaging

    As a fashion brand, we're committed to sustainability through zero waste and reusable, home compostable packaging. We strive to reduce waste and decrease non-biodegradable materials in landfills, while communicating our commitment to sustainability to our customers. Creating a sustainable future is our goal.

    Did you know?

    Every time we do laundry, our clothes shed tiny, unseen microfibers (including plastic), which go down the drains of our washing machines and into our waterways. Micro-plastics eventually end up in our food chain as plankton & fish can ingest it!