Artist Collab & Events

Johannes Laumer is a German Peruvian Photographer living between Berlin and other locations around the world. In his exploration of water, light and sound he fuses science and art to visualize the unseen, inviting us to perceive our world more holistically. His Photographic work is made under the open sky using Natural light as Sunlight and Moonlight resulting in mesmerizing Waterscapes that challenge the imagination.

Yoga fulfills the essential need of art, done with harmony and beauty.

We collaborate with a different artist each collection to create unique and high vibrant prints.

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We truly believe in the power of a strong and like-minded community. Together elevating each other to trigger impactful change. Together we grow as individuals spreading love and protecting mother earth!

Inhala Session Kaia/Lima 

Inhala Session + Eco pop-up/Oasis

Inhala Fest/Milano 

Summer Pop-Up/London 

Inhala Bali Session

Sunset Session Kaia