We believe that details in life are key to happiness, that small, yet constant steps generate change. We think that in a world as crazy as ours, change must take place but we are conscious that it must start from within ourselves, in every cell. And once in tune, we'll then be able to interact wholesomely with the world. That’s why we’ve created our Peruvian miracle mixes made from the tree of life, Moringa, and other fruits and vegetables 100% natural. Adding them to your daily routine will start the transformation; imagine changing your own life and therefore the world.

Milagrosa is a Peruvian brand created by nature lovers inspired and obsessed by the Moringa tree, because of it's incredible nutritional, medicinal and therapeutic properties. Our name, Milagrosa or miraculous in English, was created wholly inspired by the meaning of Moringa, which is the tree of life and miracles. A compelling and authentic purpose because it provides more than 90 types of nutrients, all the essential amino acids our body needs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that deal with free radicals protecting our cells against premature aging and degenerative diseases.

Our mixes:

VIDA, or life, brings together the nutritional and curative benefits of Moringa, Apple, Artichoke, Nopal Cactus and Ginger, working as a revitalizing tonic. Created to detoxify, regenerate and rejuvenate our body. Reduces glucose and fat levels in our blood, burning fat and helping us lose weight while protecting our liver.

ENERGÍA, which means energy, brings together the nutritional and curative benefits of Moringa, Maca, Lúcuma and Carob tree (Algarrobo). It works as a powerful energizer created to eliminate fatigue naturally and continuously. It helps oxygenate our body, regenerate our muscles and strengthens our immune system.

KIDS, thought for them, suitable for everyone, brings together the nutritional and curative benefits of Moringa, Cacao, Banana, Lúcuma, Apple, and Algarrobo. Created to fulfill brain, bones and muscles development while it stimulates cognitive functions. Excellent source of vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and more.

All of them ready to dissolve in your favorite water, juice, extracts, milk, smoothie, oatmeal, or wherever your imagination can take you.

Try it and start living the miracle !!

- El Efecto Milagrosa

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